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Huskie BlastFlash Huskie BlastFlash October 08 11:05 pm CDT
"Today (10/7), my dad died after a six month battle with cancer. He was supposed to make it till at least next month, but this morning he took a turn for the worse, and he died at 7:30pm. I came back to school after spending the whole weekend with him, and my family. We went to the bars on Saturday, and to the Saints vs. Bears game yesterday, and we overall had a great weekend. When my mom called me this morning and said that my dad was going to the hospital, I instantly called my girlfriend and we both rushed to the hospital. On our way down I-88, I got pulled over by a state trooper for speeding (when he got cancer, my dad stepped down as a police officer in our town Geneva, IL, where he was an officer and a sergeant for 30 years), when I explained to the trooper the situation and said how sorry I was for speeding and how I just wanted to be with my family and my father, the trooper said "Alright here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna call in another trooper to come up in front of you, I'm gonna stay behind you, and we're all gonna pull out at the same time. We'll get you to that hospital in time. Just stay with our speed, we're gonna try and go between 85 and 90, don't worry about stoplights, stop signs, or anything. You're with us.". The troopers escorted me all the way to the hospital, and got me there in about half the time it would've taken. This day has been absolute hell. But the support has been almost unreal. Today, when my dad was laying in the hospital. Almost every Geneva Police Officer came to see him and say goodbye. When I stopped by the department to notify the chief, by the wishes of my mother, not only was almost every officer in the office crying when the chief made the official announcement, but when I left, there was a big poster on my dad's desk that had a picture of him in his full out uniform and it said "Forever in our hearts and forever a member of the force. RIP to our Sergeant and Friend.". While losing my dad is hurting so bad right now, I know he's looking down and he's damn proud of me and my brother. My brother is 24 years old, recently married, and recently joined the police force in Downers Grove, IL. I am 21, recently engaged, and aspiring to join the police force either alongside my brother in Downers Grove or take after my dad and work in Geneva. I'm sitting in my old bedroom at home, with my fiance, looking at pictures of me and my dad, and just thinking to myself "I may have lost him today, but he gave me 21 years of his life. So I'm gonna go out and make him proud and be the man he raised me to be.". I know my dad would be happy right now. His two sons are following in his footsteps of becoming police officers, which he always dreamed of. He gave us his life for so long, and now I'm gonna make him proud. I know this was a weird place to post, but typing it out actually helps me cope."
Jason Johnston (Proud son of Sergeant Rick Johnston)
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Andy DeShazer
Andy DeShazer I wish you all the best. Prayers for you..
Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams Prayers only go so far, but I hope they help anyways. May love and peace help you in this time and may you share it with your loved ones.
Larissa Willis
Larissa Willis So terribly sorry for your loss. Much love
Theresa Speciale
Theresa Speciale Prayers
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions September 27 8:06 pm CDT
PETITION: The Buffalo Wild Wings right by campus has a framed photo of UofA's stadium hanging on their wall, along with a banner on the wall. One like on this status = one signature. If this hits 1000 likes, we will take it into BDubs management.
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Kenny Anderson
Kenny Anderson GO SUCK A DICK TERRI...... Whore
Rene Bracamonte
Rene Bracamonte This bitch^^^ get off our page Terri Quinonez Rosenbalm
Terri Quinonez Rosenbalm
Terri Quinonez Rosenbalm GO U of A Wildcats................
Aaron A-Rod Miles
Aaron A-Rod Miles ^ f**k the cats gtfo our page!
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions October 27 5:22 pm CDT
"I was at a Halloween party this weekend. Some guy was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. Later on, cops showed up. Captain Sparrow booked it across the room to an open window, and yelled: 'Gentlemen you will forever remember this as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrows, and jumped out the window. Still got caught, and arrested though."
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Edward Ortiz
Edward Ortiz "wow this was "there" a year ago" stfu no one cares that u saw it on reddit a year ago, fuckers...
Sara Taylor
Sara Taylor A meme of this has been floating around since last year.
Alex Montemayor
Alex Montemayor Lmao
Ryan Stilson
Ryan Stilson Mark Schultz
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions September 20 7:23 pm CDT
"I witnessed one of the most generous things ever yesterday. I was at the bookstore waiting to check out and this girl's financial aid didn't go through so she still doesn't have her books. A random person who was next to her at one of the registers being checked out caught up with her after she stormed out upset, wrote a check for all of her books and supplies. Probably one of the most kind hearted things I've ever seen."
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Tracy Vernon
Tracy Vernon its great to hear that there are still some good people in this world. cant believe some of the comments you received that people cant accept something good without thinking there s a motive behind it. that is so sad.
Laura Allred
Laura Allred God be with us all a very kind thing for someone to do
Peter Berger
Peter Berger Faith in humanity restored.
Ryan Orlando
Ryan Orlando Wait a minute, why did this get posted? This isn't BS some frat guy made up about shit he's pretending he did with some girl...
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions November 13 8:00 pm CST
"My best friend I met here at ASU saved me from attempting suicide two weeks ago. Since then, she has been encouraging me to stop cutting, staying with me for whole nights even to help me resist the urge. Thank you, ASU, for giving me a chance to live life happily, and for giving me a friend to help me do just that."
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EJ All-dey Reece
EJ All-dey Reece wow nice change up congrats
Chloe Lynn Stillions
Chloe Lynn Stillions I'm glad to hear that some people actually care about those struggling to stay on this earth.
Asu Chughtai
Asu Chughtai Me :D :D
Kamal Harfouch
Kamal Harfouch Pusssssyyyyyyy
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions August 14 10:31 pm CDT
"On my plane ride back to Tempe today, this middle aged woman sitting next to me saw my ASU shirt and began to harass me because she was an U of A grad. My dad (who is a graduate from WP Carey and ASU Law School) politely stepped in and asked her how she could afford this flight with a degree from U of A! Hahah thanks dad!"
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Christopher Greenwald
Christopher Greenwald Sara Muller Take that bowl cut on your head back to australia.
Peter Berger
Peter Berger Win.
Alex Cline
Alex Cline Too mature...a grown ass man is acting like adult? My god ive never heard of such blasphemy
Jacob Gomez
Jacob Gomez This dad is legit.... shut the hell up.
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions October 22 9:39 pm CDT
"In case y'all didn't know, there is an unofficial seating chart in class. If I sit in the same place for 6 weeks, that's MY seat, bitch."
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Manny Palmatier
Manny Palmatier Heather Alexander HIS 109... Kristen Murphy MAT 265 LOLZ
Taylor Bingold
Taylor Bingold PREACH
Jose Luis Villa
Jose Luis Villa When some one sits in the same place every day , it can indicate that they are afraid of change XD. Its kinda funny I think out PSY professor pointed that out. I sit in every class on a different seat even if its just the next one to it, its kinda funny.
Davie Matthieu
Davie Matthieu BAHAHAHAHA
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions September 05 1:33 pm CDT
"Today, as I appoached a door to get into the MU I knew there was a group of women directly behind me, so I held the door open for them and gave a friendly smile...not one of them said thank you, they didnt even look at me. I dont really expect anything in return when I do something kind for a person. I just do them in the hopes of making someone's day...but fuck those chicks. I was raised to be respectfull and well-mannered, but ASU girls are really testing my character."
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Andrew Paulsen
Andrew Paulsen #womensrightswinning
Gabby Campbell
Gabby Campbell We're not all like that
Beth McCormick
Beth McCormick Chivalry will never die! Keep being a gentleman, regardless of the rude, ignorant people in the world. Always do the right thing & you will be rewarded! Sometimes it takes a while......!
Alric Priest Wagner
Alric Priest Wagner There are just so many people in general that are rude, and well, hopeless when it comes to social skills and communication.
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions November 05 6:54 pm CST
"This weekend I saw a guy dressed up as Ron Burgundy. He was getting an MIC and the officer was chick. After he got the ticket, he said "go back to your home on whore island!" He got tackled 3 seconds later."
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Zach Shuder
Zach Shuder yes! should have told her he was kind of a big deal!
Brianna Lyne Bailey
Brianna Lyne Bailey oh my god xD
Kaelin Williams
Kaelin Williams Zach??!! Hahaha
William J. Murray IV
William J. Murray IV no MIC here big guy
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions June 17 10:21 pm CDT
"my girlfriend dumped me for constantly using linkin park refrences ... but in the end it doesn't even matter"
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Ginatay Watkins
Ginatay Watkins I remember tumblr.
Ryan Savoie
Ryan Savoie Way to copy the meme
Justin Owens
Justin Owens Nick Granillo
Hamad Al-Muhaiteeb
Hamad Al-Muhaiteeb I laughed so hard at this LOL!
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions August 18 9:02 pm CDT
"My mom used to use a lot of basil in her cooking. So after she died, I bought a jar of it. I don't really know how to cook, so I have no practical applications for it. But whenever I miss her, I open the jar and smell it. It makes me feel like she's there in the kitchen with me and dinner's almost ready."
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Zachary Allen Colwell
Zachary Allen Colwell Did you fuck her
Christina Rose Hargis-Castaneda
Christina Rose Hargis-Castaneda this was on the U of A confessions page too.
Liam Kelly
Liam Kelly I just pulled out the blanket Mexican blanket she gave me when she was here and that was this morning so the love is there
Anna Bristow
Anna Bristow Ivan abad, I liked both because both are entertaining lol I lived in Tucson but I live up here now :)
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions August 30 3:45 pm CDT
"Some people's dream at ASU is to get fucked all the time. Mine on the other hand, is to find a group of friends like Ted's on How I met your Mother."
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Brandon Michael Raschke
Brandon Michael Raschke I'm an architecture major. Maybe I can be your Ted?
Ethan Hoshizaki
Ethan Hoshizaki Geoffrey Michne
Michael Gross
Michael Gross Shitty ass show. Ted ruins it by being an idiot. Barney's gay
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions August 18 10:36 pm CDT
"Dude I’m taking Mario Kart 64 to college, just so I can be like "hey baby, wanna come over and play mario kart" then they think they're coming over to not actually play mario kart, but ill actually play mario kart with them. I just wanna play mario kart with some bitches."
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Bianca Mclachlan
Bianca Mclachlan Yeah. I volunteer as tribute!
Marinna Hunt
Marinna Hunt Hahaha I don't even go to that school! Rachel
Rachel Lynn Belgum
Rachel Lynn Belgum Marinna Hunt
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions November 10 8:00 pm CST
"To the kid who stole my longboard at manzi today. theres a little tracking GPS sticker on the front truck about the size of watch battery.....i know where you live, ill see you tomorrow."
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Maria Amore
Maria Amore pussy, come get it
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson Find them and cut their their head off. The warm steam of their breath will leave their throat when their adam's apple is slit, but will subside within about 10 seconds. Still, wear gloves as the blood will stream like a fire hydrant out from their neck.
Colee Huhnandezz
Colee Huhnandezz You probably push mongo
Sarah Diaz
Sarah Diaz It's an app called Find My Longboard. Haven't you heard of it?
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions October 23 7:19 pm CDT
"Things on this page don't always make ASU look the best. So this isn't really a confession but a thank you. Thank you to the guy in my hall that saw the scars on my wrist pulled me aside and told me I was to beautiful for that and to keep my head up it will get better. You made my entire month Thank you so much."
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Victoria Tambini
Victoria Tambini I find it funny how the two guys being prodeath have these super cool "I'm holding a gun because I know how to man up" display pictures
Gabe Palmer
Gabe Palmer The few times ASU Confessions has something legitimately kind and nice you fuckers have to show up and ruin it. If this girl was crying for help guess what she got, how bout we leave it at that. Fuck you people saying that she needs to kill herself, keep hurting herself, or anything else negative about this person. I hope you discover a type of pain that makes you cry for help, and when you do look for help, you dont get it. Fuck off and leave ASU, we dont need cowards hiding behind a keyboard like a bitch, none of you bastards would ever have the balls to say any of this shit you wrote to this girl. Grow up and Man Up
Kristen Uzelac
Kristen Uzelac I honestly hope this Alex kid bites the dust. You, sir, are a sincere, foul piece of garbage. This page is always infested with disgusting "confessions" about having sex, driving drunk, and doing drugs, and this girl was posting a legitimate confession that could possibly inspire others to get help if they need it, and you tear her down and make her look like an attention seeking whore. So how about you do us all a favor Alex and go fuck yourself. You also sound absurd and ignorant in all of your comments, so maybe you should pay less attention to these confessions and more attention to your grammar. Asshole.
Tyler Schlueter
Tyler Schlueter But did you change your situation???
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions October 22 7:53 pm CDT
"I always get a kick out of these confessions, but please...don't drink and drive. Lost a friend today. Drinking and driving is not the Sun Devil way."
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Alex Schwimmer
Alex Schwimmer That's why we call the light rail the "booze cruise." You can be as shit-faced as you want, going as far as drinking on the damn thing, without the risk of killing someone.
John Berglund
John Berglund Sorry for ur loss... Thats why u gotta drink and light rail lol
Nicki Baca
Nicki Baca My favorite post so far, not the fact the someone passed away from a
Drunk driver but because someone posted something other than getting laid and cheating the system! And also for being a responsible citizen. Good job
Nicki Baca
Nicki Baca Exactly !
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions June 19 9:42 pm CDT
"Some people came to ASU for the sex and drugs. I came here because I never received an acceptance letter from Hogwartz."
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Danielle Doesn'tCare
Danielle Doesn'tCare No one else is upset that op used a z... or that girl said Hedwig was a boy?
Ron Estolano
Ron Estolano You know what I like about the books? No reading.
EJ All-dey Reece
EJ All-dey Reece Muggle!
Dakota Flint
Dakota Flint Beverly Gross Brenda Martinez
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions June 27 10:13 pm CDT
"I'm so deep in the friendzone that I've met her boyfriend's parents."
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Kam Terrez
Kam Terrez When you're that deep in the friendzone learn to back away and meet different people. Slowly start to spend less time around her, spend more time getting to know other women that are interested in you, and stop being a pussy.
Matt Stieg
Matt Stieg Like a true devil, ctrl+c ctrl+v
Sebastian Torres
Sebastian Torres Kill Yourself
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions November 29 2:45 pm CST
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Yammell Lopez Montes
Yammell Lopez Montes Ana you have to admit this is funny lol
Chelsea Anderson
Chelsea Anderson Alexis Krouzkevitch Lololol
Lenny Gordy
Lenny Gordy # five ,that's a good one
AZ Angels Green Landscape-Srvcs
AZ Angels Green Landscape-Srvcs You always learn something jrk .....DEVILSSSSS. .!!!!!!
DevilishConfessions ASU Confessions September 04 9:50 pm CDT
"All classes should be canceled tomorrow due to the football game"
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Drew Schroeder
Drew Schroeder false. they should be cancelled on Friday because of "dehydration"
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers Agreed.
Erika Osborne
Erika Osborne Hey this was my tweet:) don't hate on freshman..
Aaron A-Rod Miles
Aaron A-Rod Miles Don't you agree Janeane Mancha?